Developments in DIN

DIN has embarked on a trajectory to use ICT-technology in organizing the network. A survey on about the viability of a Decolonial Academic Network (DAN) showed that there is a need for a digital infrastructure for the network. DIN has found an IT company to sponsor this infrastructure. Recently Amrit Applications has started building a database of past, current and future research and a database of vacancies for academic positions.

DIN has also found a project manager in Egypt who has volunteered to lead the decolonial university project, a Moodle based online university. She is currently working to set up a first course on decolonial pedagogy.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission, member of DIN, is launching a toolkit that provides an actionable Counter-Islamophobia Toolkit aimed at combatting the numerous facets of growing Islamophobia across the EU. The launch will be held on September 26th  in European Parliament in Brussel.