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Resources on the war in Ukraine

The western media is bombarding people with pro-Nato information about the war in Ukraine. Here are some resources that provide another view of the war.

Is Russia Changing Its Strategy? Richard Medhurst and Scott Ritter

Richard Medhurst runs a YouTube channels with many very informative video’s. Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer who provides in-depth military analysis of the war in the Ukraine in this video.

Richard Medhurst explain what the effect is of the Russian demand to have their gas paid in Rubles and how Europe shoots itself in its feet with the economic boycott.

David Goldman explains how the economic boycott of Russia leads the cracks within the Western financial system.

Alastair Crooke goes into the geopolitical implications of the war in Ukraine.

Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar provides an analysis of the role the  nazi’s in Ukraine in the video and article.

In 2015 US polical scientis John Mearsheimer held a lecture in which he explains how a war in Ukraine would be a strategic mistake by NATO. A year earlier he had developed this thesis in this artcicle: