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Sandew Hira: My upcoming trip to South Africa and Zambia

From May 1 till May 26, I will be visiting South Africa and Zambia. I will present my book Decolonizing The Mind – A guide to decolonial theory and practice and I will build relationships with institutions, individuals, and organizations. I am excited about this trip. It seems that Africa is moving more and more towards a leading role in the global decolonial movement. I hope to learn about this process in the coming period.

I will begin on May 2 in Cape Town with a lecture on How mathematics and the hard sciences were colonized and how to decolonize them. My dear friend mathematician Dr. Tiri Chinyoka will give a first response after which there is room for Q&A. I thank Frank Kronenberg for connecting me with Tiri.

On May 4 I will give a talk at the University of the Western Cape. It is organized by Bassey Antia, a linguist with whom I am going to work in the future on language and decolonizing the mind. Bassey has been very gracious in setting this up.

On May 8 I will do a book presentation at the University of Pretoria. This is made possible by Adekeye Adebayo and Kirsty Nepomuceno. I am so grateful for their hands-on energy and support.

On May 9 I will speak at the University of South Africa (UNISA) in Johannesburg. Professor Grace Khunou and her team has been so kind to host me at UNISA. Nokuthula Hlabangane has been instrumental in linking me to Grace. She will be my discussant at the talk.

On May 10 I will fly to Zambia where I will stay till May 15. For many months Yvonne Kabombwe and Ferdinand Chipindi have been preparing the ground for a Memorandum of Understanding between DIN and the University of Zambia in Lusaka. The MOU entails the establishment of a center for decolonizing knowledge production. I will be signing the MOU.

On May 11 I will give a public lecture at the University of Zambia in Lusaka. I will spend time to build relations with the University of Zambia and the Education Research Association of Zambia.

On May 12 I will give a public lecture at the Kwame Nkrumah University in Kabwe, 168 km from Lusaka. Jive Lubbungu also has been preparing the ground for a cooperation between DIN and the Kwame Nkrumah university. I will also hold discussions with university officials to develop relations with DIN.

On May 15 I will return to South Africa.

On May 16 Vimolan Mudaly of the University of Kwazulu-Natal will be my host where I will speak about decolonizing mathematics and the hard sciences.

On May 21 we will fly to Bloemfontein, where I look forward to meeting my brother Munyaradzi Mushonga, global academic director of DIN and Programme Director for Africa Studies in the Centre for Gender and Africa Studies (CGAS) at the University of the Free State (UFS).

On May 22 at UFS Munya has organised the presentation of my book at UFS. Two days later I will attend the Africa Day Memorial Lecture by Prof. M. Thabane. Africa Day is a huge event at UFS. I look forward to learning from Prof. Thabane.

On May 25 Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein is organizing a lecture on decolonizing mathematics and the hard sciences, thanks to the efforts of Munya to get them interesting in my lecture on this topic.

On May 26 I will participate as a speaker in the 2023 UFS Africa Month Dialogue. Munyaradzi Mushonga will be the host and MC. The theme of the Dialogue is Promoting and appreciating knowledge in and from Africa. I will speak on the topic “The importance of being creators and co-creators of knowledge (in and from Africa”). Prof. Francis Peterson, the Rector and Vice-Chancellor of UFS, will also participate in the Dialogue.

That will conclude my visit to Africa in 2023. I hope that this will be the beginning of a long process of involvement in the African movement for decolonizing the world.

All events will be announced at

Decolonial Europe Day: bringing decolonising initiatives together on 9 May, ‘Europe Day’

The Decolonial Europe Day is a new initiative that uses the occasion of ‘Europe Day’ (9 May every year) to bring together existing decolonising initiatives, civil society organisations and other actors around the common project of decolonising Europe, understood as an ongoing process.

Our intention is to create a space for exchange on how to decolonise Europe, to amplify decolonial voices and praxis in and on Europe, to support the creation of synergies and to make this type of conversation more mainstream in Europe. Ultimately, the purpose is the dismantling of colonial power structures. The first edition of the Decolonial Europe Day will take place in online format on 9 May 2023 (9:30-18:00 South/Central African & Central European Summer Time).

The online event on 9 May will include nine sessions on the topics of decolonisation, anti-racism, justice, reparations, identity and much more, offered by our partner organisations, as well as plenary sessions with moderator Samie Blasingame and professor Gurminder K Bhambra. As a starting point for conversations during the event, we will publish a booklet with contributions by partner organisations addressing the question “what does it mean to decolonise Europe?” Stay tuned for this booklet to come out around 3 May.

Want to check the full programme and find out more about this new initiative? Check our website and do not hesitate to share your feedback and ideas by writing to hello[at] We hope many of you will join us for the online event: you can register through this link.

Maarten de Groot
Decolonial Europe Day

Note Sandew Hira

The DIN Foundation fully supports this initiative.