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Pravini: musical documentary The Uprising

On April 25th artist & activist Pravini Baboeram launched The Uprising. This music documentary on the decolonial movement in Europe makes an innovative contribution to education and awareness. For the first time decolonial theory is presented with songs and animation, combined with interviews of academics and activists. The songs are all written and composed by Pravini, who offers a poetic perspective on the experiences of people of color through her lyrics and vocals. The Uprising features many members of the Decolonial International Network, including Islamic Human Rights Commission and Parti des Indigènes de la République, highlighting their campaigns, analysis and strategies for decolonization in a European context. Click here to watch the trailer.

The Uprising is a conscious effort by Pravini to educate and empower people in the movement: “I made this film to provide people with a language to challenge institutional racism and colonial legacies. Often times people know something is wrong, but can’t find the words to address of challenge it. To me this film is a creative way to offer people the language they are looking for. This language consists of music, of a decolonial perspective of the past and of strategies for the future. This film is a tool for educational contexts, whether it’s higher education institutions or grassroots organizations, to engage in a conversation on decolonization and encourage people to contribute tot his movement.”

The Uprising is available for screenings. For more info check out this presskit or contact Pravini Productions at:

Sandew Hira in Venezuela

From May 12-18, 2019 DIN coordinator Sandew Hira will be in Venezuela for two workshops: one on reparations for colonialism and the other on Decolonizing the Mind. Hira will also strengthen the relationship between the Institute for the Decolonization of Suriname (DEKOSUR) and the National Institute for the Decolonization of Venezuela. Hira is scientific director of DEKOSR, which was set up with the help of DIN.

Hira will post a daily blog on the website of the Islamic Human Rights Commission about his experiences in Venezuela and his analysis of the events going on there.