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Decolonial Dialogues in Mexico

In the midst of the pandemic, the Decolonial Thought Community, decided to continue with its activities online, we decided to focus on three main points.

  1. Discussing central points of the decolonial question.
  2. To establish links that will lead to the strengthening of networks and joint actions among those committed to the decolonial question.
  3. To have an overview of the state of decolonial action and research.

To this end, we decided to organize, over a period of 3 months, 7 online dialogue tables, on the following dates:

Saturday, August 1st: Expressions of resistance and decolonial processes (Spanish)

Saturday 15th August: Decolonial Feminisms. (Spanish)

Saturday, September 5th: Epistemology and decolonial pedagogies. (Spanish)

Saturday 19th September: Decolonization of social sciences. (Spanish)

Saturday 3rd October: The struggles of the Global South and North: Relationship. (English)

Saturday October 17th: Racism and Islamophobia (English)

Friday 30th October: Racism and community movements. (Portuguese)

Tables 5 and 6 will be organized by our partners of the Decolonial International Network.

We invite all interested parties to join and participate. For more information write to:


Decolonial Thought Community