Decolonizing The Mind Research Network

The International Institute for Scientific Research is setting up a research network to develop the theoretical framework for Decolonizing The Mind (DTM).

The aims of the research network are:

  1. The development of an international infrastructure for the production and dissemination of decolonial knowledge: publishing house for books on DTM, summer schools, conferences, lectures, debates etc.
  2. The development of a coherent research program to produce decolonial knowlegde on a systematic basis.
  3. The translation of decolonial knowledge in policies for social movements.
  4. The translation of knowledge production in textbooks and guides for the formal and informal educational system.

DTM has three lines of work:

  1. A critique of how the legacy of colonialism is manifested in scientific colonialism. Scientific colonialism is the branch of ideology that presents colonial views as science.
  2. An alternative analysis of scientific colonialism that is rooted in the experiences of the colonized people.
  3. A translation of decolonial knowledge into policies for change and the struggle against the legacy of colonialism.

DTM analyses colonialism and its legacy as a system of exploitation and oppression with five dimensions:

Geography: the rise of a global system where nations, states and people have been dislocated and rearranged in the global space.

Economy: the creation of a capitalist world economy in which the economic system of the colonized world creates wealth for the world of the colonizer.

Social relations: the use of color, race, gender and ethnicity as organizing principles of social relations and the organization of a social stratum of collaborators to ensure western domination.

Politics: the political and administrative control of the colonized world through direct and indirect mechanisms.

Cultural and mental life: the creation of mechanisms of colonizing the mind in religion, education and culture.

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