Coordinator for DIN

Hira2The Decolonial International Network (DIN) has appointed Sandew Hira as the coordinator for the network.

Sandew Hira is director of the International Institute for Scientific Research (IISR). IISR is an institute that conducts research on Decolonizing The Mind.

IISR is a member of DIN.


The task of the coordinator is:

Promotion and publicity
  • Set up and maintain the website
  • Publish a newsletter every last Monday of the month.
  • Set up and maintain a Facebook page for DIN
Organizing the network

Communication (internal and external)

  • Maintain contact with the contact persons of the participating organizations.
  • Communicate with individuals and organizations who are interested in participation in, linking or working with the network.

Campaigns and projects

  • Facilitate members in setting up international campaigns and projects with the network.


  • Promoting the Summer Schools and courses of the network.
  • Promoting the educational and theoretical work of the network.


  • Facilitating the solidarity work between the members of the network and mutual support.



Decolonial International Network