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December 2016. Editor Sandew Hira:
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The December month comes with a few events on islamohpobia and decolonial thinking. DIN has complied a list of these events.
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Hatem Bazian: Palestine … It is something colonial
Hatem Bazian from the University of California, Berkeley has published a new book in the series Decolonizing The Mind. He provides a decolonial analysis of the occupation of Palestine. He presents a framework to understand and relate to the unfolding events from the late 19th century up to the present in a clear and unambiguous way.
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A decolonial approach of Islamophobia
What is the difference between a decolonial approach of Islamophobia and the dominant analysis of the phenomenon. I will give a short try at clarifying the different positions on the debate on Islamophobia. There are more decolonial approaches possible. This is one of them.;BR:
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Stephen Small: Decolonizing Knowledge Production on Black Europe and the African Diaspora
The University of Tampere in Finland is organizing the sixth conference on Afroeuropeans from 6 – 8 July 2017. The theme this year is Black Cultures and Identities in Europe. Stephen Small and Sandew Hira are organizing a panel on Decolonizing Knowledge Production on Black Europe and the African Diaspora.
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Nelson Maldonado-Torres: Ten Theses on Coloniality and Decoloniality
Maldonado-Torres is an Associate Professor at the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and the Comparative Literature Program at Rutgers University. He recently has published an outline of Ten Theses on Coloniality and Decoloniality. You can dowload the outline here.
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