Guerilla Projection

Islamic Human Rights Commission, a founding member of the Decolonial International Network, has carried out a guerilla projection as a protest against the genocide in Yemen. The guerilla projection is the projection of an billboard image on a building with a high public profile, such as the building of the parliament of the BBC building. Massoud Shadareg, chairman of IHRC, explains the concept of guerilla projection.

Shadareg: “We purchased a very powerful projection apparatus and had it upgraded so we can project from a long distance a billboard image on a building. It runs on a strong battery, because you need electricity in the open space. The building should not by covered in light already. We use the projection to call attention to human rights abuses, where the Western media is silent. We have a technical team that handles the projection. Then we have a team that engages in discussion with the police when they arrive. We need 30-45 minutes to set up the whole operation, do the projection and take images and videos to distribute them through social media. When the police arrives, our team tries to keep them as long as possible in a conversation so our technical team can move forward. It has an enormous propagandistic value.”

projection at the BBC building in London