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October 2016. Editor Sandew Hira:
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UC Berkeley assualt on decolonial thinking and practice
The University of California Berkeley has been in the forefront of decolonial thinking and practice with leading scholars like Ramon Grosfoguel and Hatem Bazian. Last month this university succumbed to pressure by Zionist groups and started an assault on a De-Cal course titled Palestine: a settler colonial analysis. The DeCal courses are a long established tradition at Berkeley from the late 1960s as a form to launch many Ethnic Studies student-led courses that eventually became full-fledged academic departments.
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Santiago Slabodsky: Decolonial Jewish Thought
Santiago Slabodsky is a social theorist who teaches decolonial Jewish thought, Muslim-Jewish relations, and cross-cultural liberation theologies at the summer school in Granada. Trained in academic institutions and a rabbinical seminary, he currently holds the Florence and Robert Kaufman Endowed Chair in Jewish Studies in the School of Government, Public Policy and International Affairs at Hofstra University in New York. In addition he is Co-Director of the journal Decolonial Horizons housed in Latin America and published by Pluto Journals, Co-Chair of the Liberation Theologies unit at the American Academy of Religion, and author of Decolonial Judaism (2014), Living Traditions and Conviviality (2016) and the forthcoming Unequal Siblings. Santiago is going to contribute to the newsletter in the future on issues of decolonial liberation theologies. He shares his biography so we know from where he is speaking.
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IHRC report on islamophobia in the UK
The Islamic Human Rights Commission has produced a new report on Islamophobia in the UK. The report is written by Saied Reza Ameli (professor of Communication and North American Studies of the University of Teheran) and Arzu Merali (head of the research section of IHRC). Click here to read more about the study.
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