Belly and the beast: the war on Cuba

There is a new source of information about the Cuban revolution we should be all aware off: Their website states: “The media landscape in Cuba is bleak. State-run outlets churn out propaganda while US-based journalism reinforces narratives propagated in Miami and DC. Some foreign media organizations try to find an “unbiased” happy medium, but the result is often false balance that obscures the context necessary to understand a country where every aspect of life is shaped by six decades of economic war waged by the world’s most powerful government.”

Their aim: “Through hard-hitting journalism and stunning cinematography we inform and inspire, opening eyes and hearts to a country with a unique past and a wide-open future.”

Watch their videos on the War on Cuba:

Season 1 Part 1 – 12 minutes Part 2 – 12 minutes Part 3 – 16 minutes


Season 2 Part 4 – 21 minutes Part 5 – 21 minutes Part 6 – 22 minutes