C.K. Raju and Decolonizing mathematics

Can you decolonize 1+1=2? Yes you can. Indian mathematician C.K. Raju has done path breaking work on decolonizing mathematics. Raju has produced numerous books, articles and videos on this topics.

He asks the question: Math and science are believed to be universal, so is there anything to decolonise in math and science education?” He answers: “Indeed there is. The wrong belief that math and science are universal but developed mainly in the West played a key role in colonisation.”

What is the main difference between Eurocentric mathematics and decolonial mathematics. Raju: “Empirical proof is rejected by Western mathematics on the grounds that empirical proof is fallible. Our senses might mislead us. To use a classical example from Indian philosophy: I might mistake a rope for a snake or a snake for a rope.”

Eurocentric mathematics has build a system based on axioms, while decolonial mathematics goes back to mathematics as was developed in other civilization and based on empirical evidence.

Go to the website of raju to learn more about decolonial mathematics: http://www.ckraju.net/