DTM Tour in September 2023

In September Sandew Hira will continue his DTM tour. From Monday 11 to Friday 15 September, he is invited by the Simon Bolivar Institute in Caracas, Venezuela, to conduct a weeklong series of DTM lectures under the title From Repairs to Reconstruction.

Currently the discussion on reparations is about correcting historical injustice within the current world civilization. Hira proposes to bring the discussion to the level of transcending the current world civilization that produced these injustices to a new world civilization that is based on the reconstruction of knowledge and decolonizing the mind.

On September 20, Hira will give a keynote speech in the first of a Webinar series “UMXHOLO” from Walter Sisulu University in South Africa. The Webinar series will be launched by the Vice Chancellor and Principal , Prof. dr. RN Songca , of WSU. The webinar will run from 9-11 am. You can register via this link: https://forms.office.com/r/dSL67zDcCL .

The speech can be followed via https :// msteams.link /6QNO . For more information mail to Busiswa Ngceni, email: bngceni@wsu.ac.za .

Hira’s book is now being translated into Persian by Ebrahim Mohseni and will probably be published and presented in Iran in the first half of next year.