Sandew Hira launches a daily video pod cast series on Decolonizing The Mind

On Sunday October 29, 2023 at 12.00 AM CET Sandew Hira launched his YouTube channel Decolonizing The Mind – the final frontier of colonialism. Every day at 12.00 AM CET he will post a video podcast of 15-20 minutes in which he provides a daily analysis of current world affairs from a decolonial point of view. Here is the link to the channel:

The first episode is titled: How will the war in Palestine end? In a free Palestine or World War III?

It deals with the question whether we are witnessing the birth a free Palestine of the beginning of World War III. It lists all the major factors that will determine the outcome of this war. The coming episodes will go deeper into these factors.

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All the videos will be listed at my website:

The episode contains PowerPoint presentations. You can download the PDF of the presentations by clicking on the video image at

Here is the first episode: