Statement by DIN on the resignation of Houria Bouteldje from PIR

Houria Bouteldje was a leading member of PIR. PIR is a founding member of the Decolonial International Network. Here is the statement on her Facebook page Houria: In response to her decision the board of the DIN Foundation sends her the following message:

Dear Sister Houria:

We have taken notice of your statement regarding leaving the PIR. As we explained in our conversation prior to your final decision, we don’t agree with your analysis and strategy. We understand the pressures under which the PIR had to operate and appreciate the hard work the PIR and you in particular have done in the social struggle in France and internationally. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your contribution.

For a long period of time we have had friendly discussions in relation to agreements and divergencies with you and our brothers and sisters in PIR on questions of decolonial theory, analysis, strategy, tactics and the building of social movements. Now that PIR is no longer a member of DIN we think that the movement as a whole will benefit from these discussions when we take it to the public domain.

We respect your decision. We want to stimulate that every individual and organization that wants to contribute to decolonial strategy and activism should have their own space in developing their organization and strategy according to their ideas of decolonial theory and activism. The instrument of this development is discussion and debate.
In the coming weeks and months we will engage in comradely discussions on our differences that will hopefully benefit the whole movement.
We hope that we can still work with you and your brothers and sisters on future projects that you might undertake.

With love and care
Sandew Hira
on behalf of the board of the DIN Foundation