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Decolonial Theory
Ramon Grosfoguel on the theory of racism and Frantz Fanon
“Racism is a global hierarchy of superiority and inferiority along the line of the human that have been politically, culturally and economically produced and reproduced for centuries by the institutions of the ‘capitalist/patriarchal western-centric/Christian-centric modern/colonial world-system’,” argues Ramon Grosfoguel from the University of California Berkeley. He bases his analysis on Frantz Fanon on the zone of being and non-being.
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C.K. Raju: Decolonize Mathematics!
Indian mathematician Chandra Kant Raju is working on the theme of Decolonizing Mathematics. Raju explains what it means: “In school our children are being taught two conflicting systems of mathematics. In primary school they learn to calculate in an empirical way: one apple and one apple makes two apples. But later on they they are told that is wrong, and learn some formal mathematics where you postulate some axioms and use the deductive method to arrive at conclusions from the axioms.
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Meet decolonial networks
Many organizations across the world are working on decolonial theory and practice. Multiversity was established in 2002 by Mohamed Idris in Penang Malaysia. Claude Alvares coordinated the network. Universities are the centres for knowledge production and the training of knowledge producers and knowledge distributors. “If the system produces wrong knowledge, then we should get rid of the system,” argues Alvares
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Genocide Memorial Day and Islamophobia conference
Members of the Decolonial International Network have been involved in two projects during the last few years: The Genocide Memorial Day and the Islamophobia conferences in Europe. Genocide Memorial Day (GMD) was initiated by the Islamic Human Rights Commission in 2010. It coincided with the anniversary of the end of the Israeli invasion of Gaza under the name Operation Cast Lead. The Islamophobia conferences are meant to develop the theory and practice of the struggle against racism and islamophobia.
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Decolonizing The Mind Research Network
The International Institute for Scientific Research is setting up a research network to develop the theoretical framework for Decolonizing The Mind (DTM). The development of a theoretical framework of DTM will be the result of the work of many individuals and institutions around the world. A research agenda that outlines the different trajectories that are needed to develop the framework will play a crucial part in this regard. The DTM Research Network is a network of researchers that develops this agenda and translates it into research projects that can be carried out by individuals and institutions in the world.
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